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Mia Royce
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Mia Royce is one of your physiotherapists at woom in West Perth. In women’s health and in other areas of physiotherapy, she combines treatment for quick pain relief with long-term work to help you self-manage your condition.
Mia Royce - Woom Perth

Mia Royce Physiotherapist Perth

Who is Mia Royce ?

Helping you gain your strength back after pregnancy is one of Mia’s particular interests. As a physiotherapist at Woom in West Perth, Mia uses a two-tier approach to first ease the pain, and to then build a strong foundation with you as a patient. She believes that when you are empowered to self-manage your strength and your rehabilitation, you are in the best position to regain the strength and flexibility that you are after.

Mia Royce - Woom Perth

Women’s health complaints and incontinence are among the most common problems I see as a physiotherapist. You may be focused on that quick-fix or immediate pain relief but you also deserve a physio who cares enough to help you create a long-term solution.

Mia Royce - Woom
Mia Royce

Physiotherapist Woom West Perth

Mia’s role at Woom is to help patients with women’s health complaints, and incontinence with a personalised physio care plan. If you want to strengthen your body after your pregnancy, you can work with Mia through a personalised exercise program.

Since her graduation as a physiotherapist in 1995, Mia has worked in private practice, running strengthening programs and clinical pilates rehab.

Over the last twenty years, Mia Royce has helped many patients with a wide range of physio services: women’s health, sports-related conditions, or back and neck pain.

The biggest joy for Mia, doing this work at Woom in West Perth, is to help you return to your normal activities with a focus on reducing women’s health discomfort or pain, restoring balance and strength, and helping you achieve the best possible quality of life.

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