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PCOS and

You may have read or heard that if you have PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, you will not be able to have a baby. This is a myth and we have seen many women with PCOS fall pregnant. We also know that IVF can lead to successful outcomes in women with PCOS. So let’s unravel the connection to get really clear about this association between infertility and PCOS.

PCOS and fertility Perth
PCOS and fertility Perth

PCOS Perth

What is PCOS ?

PCOS is an endocrine disorder that we explain on this page in more detail. It boils down to an imbalance in your hormones, that may cause a variety of symptoms, one of them being the timing and the quality of your ovulation.

In Perth, Woom is one of the only fertility and gynaecology practices in the CBD that offers integrated women’s health care and CREI-certified fertility consultations under the same roof.

Our team is experienced in the diagnosis and management of PCOS, also in combination with fertility investigations and fertility treatment.

PCOS and fertility Perth
PCOS and fertility Perth

Gynaecologist & fertility specialist Perth

So can I fall pregnant when
I have PCOS ?

Yes, you can. But because we are dealing with a hormonal imbalance, it will be important to manage some of the issues that typically come with PCOS. This is why – if you hear that you may have PCOS – it is useful to see a fertility specialist who helps you manage your condition.

At Woom, we combine evidence-based medicine with holistic lifestyle support. It means that your gynaecologist helps you get an accurate diagnosis and that we look at empowering you to manage your symptoms with lifestyle changes:

You may have heard about metformin. This medication is often used as one of the ways to manage your PCOS symptoms. It helps us improve your chances of falling pregnant and of carrying your baby to term.

PCOS may lead to infertility because a woman with PCOS doesn’t know when she ovulates. Miscarriage and infertility are higher in women with PCOS.

Dr Tamara Hunter - WOOM
Dr Tamara Hunter

Perth gynaecologist and fertility specialist

If you are trying to conceive, the first avenue that your fertility specialist may suggest is a treatment called ovulation induction. It is an assisted reproductive technology that causes and regulates ovulation. If PCOS manifests through disordered ovulation (or absence of ovulation) then ovulation induction may be suggested as the fertility treatment type.

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PCOS and IVF treatment

In some situations, ovulation induction may not be appropriate for a patient with PCOS. In those cases, we will discuss the option to start IVF.

PCOS and fertility Perth
PCOS and fertility Perth

IVF can still be effective if you have PCOS. A retrospective study of 44,286 IVF treatments, of which 16,416 women had PCOS, found those women with PCOS had a higher probability of pregnancy and live birth after IVF than women with tubal factor infertility. *

Dr Tamara Hunter - WOOM
Dr Tamara Hunter

CREI certified fertility specialist Perth

If you have PCOS, and you are considering IVF, it is essential to work with a specialist who has the right expertise. You are at risk of ovarian hyperstimulation, and it takes the experience of an accredited fertility specialist to manage the process. Our first steps to get you ready for fertility treatment will also involve education: we believe that you deserve to be well-informed and empowered, so you can take control of your weight, your diet, and your lifestyle, to manage your health in the best possible way. Our dietitian will help you with a personalised diet, aimed at managing your PCOS symptoms.

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Tamara Hunter
Dr Tamara Hunter

Gynaecologist and CREI certified fertility specialist

Shital Julania
Dr Shital Julania


Specialist Nutrition Programs at Woom

Nutrition and lifestyle management are first-line treatments for reproductive conditions including PCOS, endometriosis and/or sub-fertility

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