Women’s health GP near me

women's health

Find a Women’s Health GP in Perth’s city centre, conveniently located in West Perth. At woom, our GPs work closely together with the in-house gynaecologists and allied health experts. Find out more about the routine checks we can help with and about our unique Well Woman Check.

women's health gp near me
women's health gp near me
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GP for Women’s Health: conditions

Women’s health conditions we help with
At Woom, we have a total focus on your health as a woman. Our team works together across all areas of women’s health, and it is also the place where you will find some of Perth’s most dedicated Women’s Health GPs.
women's health gp near me
women's health gp near me
Our GPs are working closely together with our gynaecologists and fertility specialists and they have a deep understanding of the conditions and treatment options in their field:
So if you were googling for a ‘Women’s Health GP near me’, or a ‘Women’s Health GP in the Perth CBD’ because that is where you work, you have come to the right place.

Women’s health GP near me: our method

Well Woman Check

Fertility check Perth

Pre-fertility work-up

Have you been trying to fall pregnant for a while without anything happening? There are many reasons why this may occur. ‘Not trying long enough’ is one of the explanations but if that is not the case for you, we recommend making a booking for a pre-fertility work-up with our women’s health GPs. In this article, we explain all the ins and outs, including how long you should try before being concerned, what we will investigate, how we collaborate with the Woom fertility specialists and what the benefits are for you in terms of wait times.

Corporate Women’s Health Check-Ups

Working in the Perth CBD and
too busy? We got you covered

More than anyone, we understand the busy lives women can lead. If you are juggling work and appointments, and you want to come in on your way to the office or during your working hours, then we want to make life as easy as possible for you. That is why we work with employers in the Perth CBD, so their female employees can tap into the benefits of the Well Woman Check.

We are located in West Perth, and that certainly helps if you are juggling a busy work schedule.

If you are responsible for a team, ensuring that your female employees have access to the Well Woman Check is good for all involved. For your team members in the first place, because they can have their checks, appointments and consultations at our clinic in West Perth, close to the CBD.

If you are an employer offering the Well Woman Check and regular checkups will also help the female members in your team keep an eye on their health working with specialists and GPs in a warm, welcoming environment.

Women’s Health GP Perth referral

Get your in-house referrals.
Easy and straightforward.

Woom GPs can organise in-house referrals for you, bringing down the traditional waiting time between your GP referral and the moment you see a specialist.

As soon as your referral to one of the Woom gynaecologists is issued, your Women’s Health GP helps you organise any necessary tests, so we minimise the number of extra visits to the specialist.

Women’s Health GP near me: Woom GPs

GPs available at
the woom

Michelle Cotellessa
Dr Michelle Cotellessa

Specialist Women’s Health General Practitioner

Dr Sunita Chelvanayagam | Women's Health GP Perth
Dr Sunita Chelvanayagam

Specialist Women’s Health General Practitioner

Save the date: Tuesday 10 May, 7pm
Location: Zoom

Lifestyle hacks in the fertility journey!

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