Fibroid gynaecologist Perth

A range of women’s health symptoms is caused by fibroids or benign tumours in the womb area. They can cause pressure, pain, iron deficiency and frequent urination and it is important to see your gynaecologist at woom in West Perth if you believe you may have fibroids.
Fibroids Perth
Fibroids Perth
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Fibroids Perth

What are uterine fibroids ?

It is important to know that uterine fibroids are non-cancerous. They are benign tumours and they are common in women. The fibroids are round or half-round and they consist of muscle cells and tissues in the uterus wall and around the uterus.

Fibroids Perth
Fibroids Perth
A couple of medical terms apply to label and classify the type of fibroids you may have:
At Woom, your gynaecologist will help you with the diagnosis and treatment of fibroids. First, we will discuss your symptoms and the impact on your overall health. Then we will discuss the surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

Gynaecologist Perth

What causes fibroids ?
The exact causes of fibroids are not known and gynaecology research agrees on several ‘proposed causes’ that help explain their appearance:

This is why it is important to see a gynaecologist who offers the best of both worlds: evidence-based medicine to get a clear diagnosis and a holistic approach to women’s health, so we look at your personal situation and history to get a clear picture of your condition.

In rare cases, fibroids may become cancerous.

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Symptoms of fibroids

Not all women with fibroids will experience the same symptoms. Many women will not even experience any symptoms and in that case, they would often not know that they have fibroids.

70% of women will have fibroids by the time they are 50. The symptoms will depend on the number of fibroids, their size and the exact location.

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Dr Tamara Hunter

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Some of the symptoms are:

Gynaecologist Perth

Diagnosis and treatment options

Fibroids are often detected during an examination for other conditions: a pelvic ultrasound, a routine gynaecological examination or during surgery for other conditions.

Fibroid surgery is considered the best treatment option and there are a few surgical options and techniques that you may discuss with your gynaecologist:

We will always take the time to guide you through the benefits and risks of the different surgical options and techniques. The different types of fibroid surgery may affect your fertility and your future pregnancies and the role of a gynaecologist is to make sure you are well informed before you decide on your treatment.

Alternative fibroid treatment involves the use of steroidal drugs that modify your hormone system, and this then impacts the growth of your fibroids

Gynaecologist Perth

Fibroids during pregnancy
If you are diagnosed with fibroids during your pregnancy, it is good to know that most women in that situation have a normal pregnancy. Sometimes the fibroids do cause concern, depending on where they are and what size they are.
Fibroids Perth
Fibroids Perth

Fibroids on the outer side of the uterus usually don’t impact the early stages of pregnancy. But if they are on the uterus cavity they can affect your fertility and cause miscarriage. Fibroids within the wall of the uterus require a more in-depth investigation by your gynaecologist because their impact is not clear.

If you have fibroids there are also concerns for the later stage of your pregnancy:

If you are not pregnant yet and trying to conceive, it is good to know that fibroids usually don’t affect your ability to conceive. If you have been told you have fibroids and you are trying to fall pregnant, ask for a referral to Woom so we can discuss your treatment options.

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