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Hi, we are woom
and we are known to do things differently.

A team of gynaecologists, fertility specialists, women’s health GPs, dietitians, physios, psychologists and other allied health practitioners collaborate to create a women’s health safe space.

A place where medical expertise and hands-on care come together. A place where you matter most.

Because your health is our top priority.

Welcome to woom.

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What we are known for

We do more than endometriosis, fertility and Well women's checks .
But hey, we had to make a selection.

Let’s put it this way…
Whatever your issue or condition, we have a team of experts ready to advise you, treat you and/or manage your symptoms.

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Workshop: Understanding
the transition into
menopause & what to expect

Women's health workshop Perth
Women's health workshop Perth

Women start perimenopause at different ages and experience different symptoms.

Learn from evidence-based medicine what is really going on in your body, how you can manage the changes and how you can support your body during this time with lifestyle changes.

Your host: Gynaecologist and CREI certified fertility specialist, Dr Tamara Hunter.

Perth Women's Health Clinic

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WOOM recipes

Fertility Diet

Nurture your fertility with these 6 recipes

WOOM recipes

Prolapse & Incontinence

5 pelvic floor exercises that you can do at home

Paediatric gynaecologist

We care for your
daughter too
We have a special interest in paediatric gynaecology. Because your daughter’s health matters too.
WOOM Paediatric Gynaecology Perth

We serve all generations. From painful first periods to menopause and everything in between.

Women's Health Psychologist

Support when you
need it most
We know when you need support; our women’s health psychologist can help you with all-things-women you struggle with.
WOOM Psychologist Perth

WOOM | Perth Women's Health Hub

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So who is behind
your woom team?


woom was founded by CREI-certified fertility specialist and gynaecologist Dr Tamara Hunter.

woom is Tamara’s dream to unite specialist doctors and allied health professionals. The purpose is simple: create a women’s health hub to support women with their medical, physical and mental health.

Gynaecologists Dr Shital Julania and Dr Tamara Hunter, women’s health GPs Dr Sunita Chelvanayagam and Dr Michelle Cotellessa, psychologist Ms Louise Buck, dietitian Mr Nick Nation and physiotherapist Rebekah Taylor look forward to meeting you.

Dr Tamara Hunter Perth