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Louise Buck
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Louise Buck is our psychologist at woom in West Perth. Her experience spans a wide range of psychological issues from low mood and anxiety to stress, depression, grief, sleep disorders, reproductive and gynaecological challenges.
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Who is Louise Buck ?
Her area of specialty is reproductive psychology and infertility and understanding the psychological needs of females from late adolescence to post-menopause throughout their life span.
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There’s a wide variety of issues that women face throughout their lifetimes, and generally speaking women come to see me at some of the some of the most challenging and demanding times of their lives. It’s important to recognise that they’re at their most vulnerable and exposed states. 

Women are trusting me with their vulnerability, sensitive and deeply personal information that they may have never shared with anyone else. I’m here to listen with compassion, validate your experience and assist you in moving forward.

Louise Buck
Louise Buck

Clinical Psychologist & Fertility Counsellor
Woom West Perth

My highest priority is ensuring that you’re validated and accepted. Then, we begin exploring what you would like to do to improve things and make things better. Once we have collaboratively worked to establish your therapy goals, we then work together to apply the appropriate clinical framework. 

As a therapist, my overarching goal is to assist in helping you towards living a life that is more balanced, adaptive, realistic, and optimistic.

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