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Our psychologist at woom is here to help you with the struggle that may occur at a mental health level, related to women’s health. From menstrual disorders to infertility challenges through to menopause discomfort. This is about the emotional ups and downs, the uncertainty, the fatigue and the general impact that a women’s health issue can have on your personal life and your life as a couple. You can count on our psychologist to provide support, and to help you with coping strategies so you can navigate the challenges before, during and after treatment.
psychologist Perth
psychologist Perth

Menopause counselling Perth

What can a psychologist do to help with
menopause ?

Menopause is a typical situation where we tend to forget about the mental impact on your life as a woman. You may experience unexpected feelings: anxiety and even depression. Sometimes you would find that you go from feeling full of joy to being extremely frustrated in just seconds.

psychologist Perth
psychologist Perth

When you reach menopause, you may feel that you don’t recognise yourself, feeling a whole range of confusing emotions. That is perfectly normal and due to the hormone changes in your body when you go into menopause.

Louise Buck
Louise Buck

Women’s health psychologist Perth

Your psychologist here at Woom is available to help you navigate these emotional states and the good news is that we work as a multidisciplinary team: your gynaecologist, your psychologist and your women’s health physiotherapist.

Fertility counselling Perth

What can a psychologist do to help
with fertility treatment ?

If you are preparing for – or embarking on – fertility treatment, then there are various forms of counselling that can help you. Let’s go over the different types of help you can get from your psychologist here at Woom in West Perth:

A lot has been said about the mind-body connection. It makes sense that, when you are going into a phase where fertility treatment becomes the centre of your life, your mental health matters.

At woom in West Perth, we work together so you feel heard, seen and cared for.

Louise Buck
Louise Buck

Perth psychologist with a special interest in fertility counselling

And that means applying our expertise, coming from different corners of women’s health, gynaecology, fertility, physiotherapy, nutrition/diet and psychology, to help you on your journey.

Infertility counselling Perth

Seeing a counsellor before and
during fertility treatment

As you explore or start fertility treatment, you will be offered to see a psychologist or a counsellor. This pretreatment counselling session helps you prepare. Fertility treatment comes with expected and unexpected situations and challenges. Many women and couples get a lot out of their counselling session simply because it helps them frame their expectations, inspect their support network and be open about the stress that may appear.

A psychologist with a special interest in fertility will be able to help you with the whole spectrum of issues, challenges and questions that show up:

You get it. There are dozens of questions and this is only a quick summary. In Western Australia, regulations around IVF, ART and fertility treatment require access to a fertility counsellor. Through our work with one of WA’s leading fertility centres and because we are a multidisciplinary team here at Woom in West Perth, you will always find that the right type of support is available here.

Anxiety and depression counselling

Psychological help for anxiety
and chronic pain

As a woman, you might be juggling different roles in your life and occasionally feel that it’s ‘too much’. At Woom, you are in a safe and calm environment to work on your coping mechanisms and to get clear about what is causing pressure in your life.

Work, family, health, and the general pressure you may feel in this day and age, they can cloud your views and a psychologist helps you understand what is going on.

If your mood is impacted by chronic pain (for example pelvic pain and period pain), then the first step is to see our multidisciplinary team here at Woom in West Perth: your gynaecologist, to get a diagnosis, your psychologist to reinforce your coping skills, and your women’s health physiotherapist to manage and control the pain.

psychologist Perth
psychologist Perth

Postnatal depression and anxiety in new parents

Anxiety in new parents and
postnatal depression
After you have spent months or years in fertility treatment, you may find it difficult to transition to this new reality: you are pregnant! Some women struggle with that new reality: there are new emotions, there is joy and disbelief and there are the implications of the massive change that is about to happen in your life. What we can do as a psychologist is to help you adjust to the realities of your pregnancy. If it is high-risk, we help you with coping mechanisms and if you are expecting multiples, we talk about the future of your family constellation. At Woom, we look at the whole picture and your gynaecologist, fertility specialist, dietitian, physiotherapist and psychologist are here to help.
Postnatal depression is a condition where anxiety turns into a more serious condition. This is where it becomes much more than a form of baby blues right after you gave birth. If you experience more severe mood swings or emotional challenges, then we help you with the management of postpartum depression. Our team is here to listen, help and empower you so you develop strong coping mechanisms and gradually return to your old self.

Counselling for donor-assisted conception in Perth

Donor conception and counselling

If you are considering and exploring donor conception, a different range of conversations might start dominating your life. Many women and couples suffer from the external reactions and the judgement that may appear when donor conception is discussed.

So how can your psychologist help? As you go through the tests or the treatment, you have enough on your plate and enough emotions to deal with, without the emotional charge that your loved ones may bring to the table.

So if you feel agitated when others give unsolicited advice or opinions about donor conception, it all boils down to enhancing your coping skills.

Louise Buck
Louise Buck

Psychologist Perth

As a psychologist, my focus is to use your own resources and to make them stronger. Counselling is like an emotional spring cleaning: First we listen to what is going on in your life. Everything depends on your personality and your life experiences before you started this fertility journey.

So we will look at what you feel, how it influences your relationships and how we can strengthen your ability to manage these feelings and emotions.

Louise Buck
Louise Buck

Psychologist Perth

Here at Woom, we build on our experience working in the context of fertility treatment. And because we have particular expertise in women’s health, our team works together to help you navigate the emotions when you are exploring donor conception.

Perth psychologist

Psychologist at woom Perth
available to help me

Louise Buck
Louise Buck

Psychologist and Women’s Health Expert

amanda swan
Dr Amanda Swan

Psychologist and Women’s Health Expert

Specialist Nutrition Programs at Woom

Nutrition and lifestyle management are first-line treatments for reproductive conditions including PCOS, endometriosis and/or sub-fertility

dietitian perth - nutrition program fertility

Our program participants get the best results! We have purposely discounted our program rates by 30% to make signing up a no-brainer.