Dr Bernadette McElhinney, Gynaecologist Perth

Dr Bernadette
at woom
Dr Bernadette McElhinney is a fulltime gynaecologist at woom and has a special interest in endometriosis, menstrual disorders and preinvasive disease of the lower genital tract.
Dr Bernadette McElhinney

Gynaecologist West Perth

Perth gynaecologist Bernadette McElhinney
Bernie mainly works at King Edward Memorial Hospital where she works in the Endoscopy team – a group of doctors providing tertiary level care for patients with endometriosis. She is the lead clinician in the colposcopy service, providing care for patients with abnormal cervical screening.
Dr Bernadette McElhinney

I think it is important to treat each patient as an individual, listen to their story with fresh ears and provide the resources to help them make an informed decision, with the best possible outcome.

Dr Bernadette McElhinney
Bernadette McElhinney

Gynaecologist Perth

At woom in West Perth, Bernadette McElhinney works with the gynaecology team to provide a unique model of care with multiple specialties under the same roof. She consults each week at woom and operates on her private patients at Hollywood Private Hospital and SJOG in Subiaco. Dr McElhinney acquired advanced skills in laparoscopic surgery during her time as a fellow in the UK and Australia. In addition, Dr McElhinney conducts private colposcopies in our state-of-the-art rooms located in West Perth.

Gynaecologist Perth Dr Bernadette McElhinney

Credentials & Accomplishments
  • Dr McElhinney did her basic training in the UK and, when she finished, she moved to Perth to gain experience in advanced laparoscopic surgery.
  • Dr McElhinney is passionate about women’s health. She aims to care for patients as individuals, providing a holistic and thoughtful approach to their care.
  • She acknowledges the importance of teaching and mentoring junior colleagues both in a formal and informal way. She is a senior lecturer at Notre Dame University and regularly assists with medical student tutorials and examinations.
  • She was recently appointed a director of Menopause Alliance Australia, a charity organisation aiming to educate women and their health providers in ‘menopausal’ matters.