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The woom method:
Women’s health GPs and gynaecologists now under one roof

Finding the best approach to choose a women’s health GP or a gynaecologist just became easier in Western Australia. At the Woom in West Perth, we can help you with female-specific health concerns. Our team will assist you so you can see the GP or the specialist, depending on your personal circumstances.

Karin Sekhon - Women's Health GP Perth
Karin Sekhon - Women's Health GP Perth

Women’s health GP Perth

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At the Woom, our aim is to provide excellence in women’s health in a pristine, safe and warm environment where your concerns are not dismissed. One in three Australian women say their GP has occasionally dismissed women’s health concerns (Latest figures from The Australia Talks National Survey 2021). These situations highlight the need for our method, with women’s health GPs and gynaecologists working closely together.
Womens health GP Perth
Womens health GP Perth

The ABC shared a story on Facebook about a woman who had been diagnosed with PCOS and did not receive a treatment plan. I started reading the comments and one woman after the other shared similar stories. Some even gave up on starting a family because they had been diagnosed with PCOS and weren’t followed up. That’s when my heart bleeds, and that’s why we, at the Woom, want to make a change.

Karin Sekhon - Women's Health GP Perth
Dr Karin Sekhon

Women’s health GP at the Woom Perth

At the Woom, we are in the best position to avoid painful situations like this. Our team consists of team members with a special interest in women’s health:

For any type of female-specific health issues, we have your back. We call it the Woom method: you either see the women’s health GP and they continue caring for you. Or, if your concern is more complex, one of our Woom gynaecologists takes over.

You are always in the best hands. Because we are all under one roof, your GP prepares your case files and makes sure all tests are done before you see the specialists. It saves time and reduces the number of consultations.

The Woom method is all about availability, efficiency and expertise.

Gynaecologists often have long waiting lists. You may have been referred for an issue that can perfectly be handled by one of our women’s health GPs, who have much shorter waiting lists. And if they believe you still have to see the specialist, they will do all necessary investigations in preparation of a review by your Woom gynaecologist. That approach allows us to see you quickly, all whilst offering expertise and efficiency.

Karin Sekhon - Women's Health GP Perth
Dr Karin Sekhon

Women’s health GP at the Woom Perth

One of the main benefits is that you can self-refer to us as you can book an appointment with the Woom GP first.
Main benefits of seeing a qualified women’s health GP

Women’s health GP versus Gynaecologist

Why see a women's health GP first?

Our mission is to take away that discomfort. At the Woom, we have created a safe and warm environment. It’s a home, really. We know what is important to women, we understand you, and we care for you. Any topic can be discussed, in a safe and welcoming space.

So why see a women’s health GP first? Often your issue can be managed really well by a women’s health GP and does not need to be handled by a specialist. Here at the Woom, you can rest assured that our GPs are fully committed to women’s health.

Karin Sekhon - Women's Health GP Perth
Dr Karin Sekhon

Women’s health GP at the Woom Perth

Conditions that can be managed by your women’s health GP

At the Woom, we invite you to book in for our “Well Women’s Check”. It’s a regular check-up designed for women specifically: We do breast checks and cervical screening, we check your cardiovascular risk, stress levels, and talk about mental health and overall fitness. All of this is done by our Woom GPs.

If your issue, involves a procedure or more complex treatment, your women’s health GP may refer you to our gynaecologists.

Conditions managed by your gynaecologist
If our women’s health GP identifies other concerns, we can refer you to allied health professionals within Woom, such as our dietitian, women’s health physio or psychologist.

Women’s health GP for fertility

Can a women's health GP help me with fertility?
Absolutely. In this case, your GP becomes the care coordinator. As the waiting lists to see a fertility specialist are often long, your Woom GP can help collate and coordinate the necessary investigations and tests which you have to do anyway when you see the specialist.

Traditionally, your first visit to the fertility specialist will be followed by a range of tests you and your partner need to go through. Whilst you are waiting to see the specialist, your Woom GP will collate and coordinate these fertility tests, so that these results are in when you have your first visit with the specialist.

Karin Sekhon - Women's Health GP Perth
Dr Karin Sekhon

Women’s health GP at the Woom, Perth

FAQ about women’s health

Frequently asked questions
Definitely. It is your choice! Your GP may already have a special interest in women’s health, and they may have done a complete workup already. In that case, you don’t have to see our GPs and you can book an appointment with one of our gynaecologists.
While we as GPs practice holistic medicine at Woom, we prefer that you mainly see us for women’s health or gynaecological related issues. Your primary GP is the best person to have an overall view of your health and is better placed to deal with general health/ illnesses/injuries etc.

Women’s health GPs in West Perth

Women's health GPs
So if you have had that feeling of being dismissed by a GP simply because they lacked the deeper understanding of female-specific health concerns… You will know what we are talking about. Start with a “Well Women’s Check”, and get to know our team of GPs and specialists. When it’s about your health and wellbeing as a woman, we’ve got your back!

Fertility Specialists, Gynaecologists,

Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Dietitians

Your new women's health hub

Dr Sunita Chelvanayagam | Women's Health GP Perth
Dr Sunita Chelvanayagam

Women’s health GP at the Woom, Perth

Michelle Cotellessa
Dr Michelle Cotellessa

Women’s health GP at the Woom, Perth

Specialist Nutrition Programs at Woom

Nutrition and lifestyle management are first-line treatments for reproductive conditions including PCOS, endometriosis and/or sub-fertility

dietitian perth - nutrition program fertility

Our program participants get the best results! We have purposely discounted our program rates by 30% to make signing up a no-brainer.