Fertility check Perth

Concerned about
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Do you want to start a family, have been trying for a while and have been feeling increasingly concerned because nothing is happening? You may want to start with a fertility check before you contact a fertility clinic. In this article, we explain why you may want to see one of our women’s health GPs first.
fertility check Perth
fertility check Perth

Fertility check for couples

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Have you been trying to fall pregnant for a while now and are you concerned you or your partner can’t make babies? Well, let us reassure you, making a human is quite an extraordinary process and for quite a few couples, it just takes a little bit longer. Always remember, that you are not alone. Approximately 1 in 6 couples will experience infertility.
fertility check Perth

Before you book a consultation with our women’s health GPs, it is good to know that ‘not trying long enough’ is one of the many reasons why nothing is happening. When you are under 35 years old and have been trying for over a year, or 35 and older and you have been trying for 6 months, we recommend making an appointment. Of course, you are very welcome to come and talk with our women’s health GPs about all fertility-related questions you may have, for example how to time intercourse.

A lot of couples with concerns about their fertility typically ring a fertility clinic and try to get a consultation with the fertility specialist. But fertility services are in high demand and couples are often disappointed when they hear about the long waiting lists. 

This is where Woom offers a great solution. 

Our women’s health GPs have
a (w)holistic input process for your pre-fertility work-up. What people, women and men, do not always realise is that their whole health impacts their fertility health and that the impact is far bigger than we realise. 

Looking at lifestyle factors like weight, nutrition, smoking habits, alcohol consumption and stress can make a huge impact on your fertility status. A women’s health GP will help you assess those factors. 

fertility check Perth

What we do is work with you so your body is best prepared for conception and pregnancy. Of course, it's not only about you- your male partner's health is of equal importance. Men are often reluctant to keep their health in check and preparing for conception is a great place to start. Did you know that up to 30% of infertility is male-related?

Dr Sunita Chelvanayagam | Women's Health GP Perth
Dr Sunita Chelvanayagam

Women’s health GP at the Woom Perth

Equally, our GPs can help direct you to specialist care sooner in case you need urgent fertility intervention or have significant gynaecological conditions. At Woom, both Dr Tamara Hunter and Dr Shital Julania are fertility specialists and our GPs are in direct contact should you need further help. 

Fertility check Perth - What to expect?

What exactly is a pre-fertility work-up?

Taking a family history is important to look for heritable genetic conditions or looking for conditions that impact fertility and may run in families. Examples are endometriosis and PCOS. 

We will also check for immunity to measles, mumps, rubella and varicella and the presence of other infectious diseases. 

So if you are younger than 35 and have been trying for a year or longer, or you are over 35 trying for 6 months without success, we encourage you to book your fertility check asap. We know that above all, age is the confounding factor for women so time is of utmost importance.

Seeing the GP quickly may enable early detection of significant issues (for example if you are not ovulating or you have blocked tubes). Or if we establish that you need to make some lifestyle changes prior to starting your fertility treatment. Our GPs are often the best people to manage this because of their holistic view on your situation.

A pre-fertility work-up usually consists of an initial longer consult, then shorter individual appointments with both partners. Follow-up appointments for both partners are also required to make a plan. 

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What happens after we have done the fertility tests?

Our Woom GPs will discuss your results in a follow-up consultation and they will propose a plan depending on the findings.

This could mean addressing lifestyle factors and calling on our dietitian, physiotherapist or psychologist at Woom to help improve your overall health.

Should your tests indicate a more urgent referral, then we can expedite your appointment with the fertility doctors or gynaecologists as necessary. For challenging cases, our women’s health GPs have access to fertility specialists at Woom where they can discuss your case and institute early management that will make your treatment journey at a fertility centre more streamlined and efficient.

This does not mean that you need to have IVF. There may be ovulatory issues that can be overcome with ovulation induction or intrauterine insemination may be considered if you are deemed suitable.

Dr Sunita Chelvanayagam | Women's Health GP Perth
Dr Sunita Chelvanayagam

Women’s health GP at the Woom, Perth

Sometimes you may not even need specialist care, and pregnancy can be achieved under GP care with a few simple lifestyle changes.

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8 questions you should ask
your women’s health GP when you are concerned about your fertility

During a consultation with our women’s health GPs, a lot of information will be covered. That is why we recommend writing down your questions so you go home with all the clarity that you need. Here are the most popular questions we get during a pre-fertility work-up consultation: 

What are your questions? We look forward to answering them.

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Dr Sunita Chelvanayagam | Women's Health GP Perth
Dr Sunita Chelvanayagam

Women’s health GP at the Woom, Perth

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Dr Michelle Cotellessa

Women’s health GP at the Woom, Perth

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