Libby Borman, Women's Health Physiotherapist Perth

Libby Borman
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Libby is a very experienced pelvic health physio who is passionate about helping women improve their pelvic pain, bladder or bowel issues and sexual dysfunction. She has worked as a physio for nearly 20 years, beginning as a musculoskeletal physio with an interest in pilates and then specialising in pelvic health for the last 13 years.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist West Perth

Who is Libby Borman?

Libby has a special interest in helping women through their pregnancy journey and modifying each woman’s exercise program to help them prepare for birth. She frequently helps women settle the common aches and pains such as wrist, back and pelvic girdle pain that occurs during pregnancy. Libby can accurately assess a women after birth and provide exercise that will help with the pelvic floor and abdominal wall recovery, which then allows women to return to exercise safely.

Libby also enjoys working with women of all ages to help improve their bladder, bowel and sexual function.

I want all women to be able to trust their bladder and bowel control, and prevent or manage any pelvic organ prolapse symptoms.

Libby Borman
Libby Borman

Women's health physiotherapist
at Woom in West Perth

Libby can fit vaginal support pessaries and help women avoid extensive pelvic surgery. 

Libby is passionate about helping women with pelvic pain. From the young girls with period pain, to the women struggling with endometriosis, or pudendal neuralgia.

Libby is also a mum to four amazing busy boys, and loves to bake sourdough bread and chocolate cake. She has a kelpie cross dog that helps her stay active with daily walks and runs.

At Woom in West Perth, Libby Borman works with the gynaecologist, the dietitian and the psychologist to provide a unique integrated physiotherapy service. 

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